Three Priority Areas

ICVolunteers distinguished three priority areas for linguistic assistance. These three key elements require a clear and effective communication as they are at the heart of our society.


School is a place of teaching which accommodates children in order to provide them with teaching in a group. The good integration of children within the school system is essential, as the latter will determine the future of the child. In addition, the school simultaneously engages the parents and the children, which makes it a particularly important place for the integration o foreigners. Our program relates to the entire educational system, from reception to university, including support and evening classes.


Medical errors can have terrible consequences for the patient but also for the staff who are taking care of him/her. In this way, a good understanding between the patient and the doctor is essential. We have therefore sought to understand the system in place for accompanying allophone patients. Our services cover GP, hospitals, specialists, surgeons, dentists, etc.


The administrative sector is composed by local and national services such as employment, taxes offices, etc.

It also comprises the judicial field including police forces, courts, lawyers, population services, unemployment offices, tax offices, solicitor, barristers, advocates, etc.

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